Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunburned James and more

Here are a couple sunburned James' pictures.  He was a tough guy-he never complained about it hurting.  One time he did say-Mom, my eyes are getting smaller(hahaha) and then when it peeled, he didn't like that too much.  Don't worry, it looks a bazillion times better, its still a little red -I should mention that he got sunscreened 3 times while they were up there. 

And here are a couple other really cute ones I thought I'd throw on here.  The kids are sleeping and I'm almost tired, so why not!?
 Cute Katelynn!  She's learning to dress herself and gets so excited when she does...I DID IT!  Mom, I DID it!
 HAHA, I wash my windows way less times than I mop and that is not very often-work is good and when you get a spray bottle it is fun.  Maybe we'll have cleaner windows from now on?

 Sweet Carrie Jean.
 James and Katelynn's cake-he was more excited for her birthday than she was-he even opened some of her presents for her.
And here's Katelynn on her birthday-I know I said I didn't need to put any other birthday pictures up, but I couldn't resist.

Now, I am tired for real and going to bed!

OHHH yeah....

I noticed after I put up the post about Katelynn's birthday, I had not put anything up about my mom's visit or  my  Dad's visit or Carrie's baby blessing....and I think all of my pictures are on the computer. 

In January, my mom came to Idaho.  It was so nice to have her here.  And I loved having help then, because it was when I felt like things should be getting back to sort of normal and it I didn't think I was there yet. (Still am not there, but feeling more okay about it)  The kids had a lot of fun having Grandma here.  Jarom and Stephanie and Connor came  up and Amy & Warren came down-it was great!

Here's my Dad and Carrie.  I was so glad he got to come up for Carrie's baby blessing.  He only got to be here for just a little while, but it was so good to have him here.  Katelynn was CRAZY about Grandpa.  She just sat in his lap for a long time staring at his face and said over and over Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa.  He also brought her one of her favorite things-gum-3 whole packs of it.  By the time she went to bed that night she had about 11 pieces-don't worry, if you swallow gum, it definitely does not get stuck inside of you.

 Happy Valentine's Day-again-cute tutu outfit!  One of my favorites!  Grandma and Grandpa Clemons gave us that one.  I like it.... A LOT!
Oh yes. Trevor and James went icefishing..and the girls all got our nails painted.  It was fun and I'm excited for girl stuff with my girls as they get bigger.
 This is pre-sunburn...I ought to find an after picture.

 Dad, Amy and almost born baby, and me and the kiddos.
 Here we are again on Carrie's blessing day.  A lot more people came to the blessing, but we didn't get any pictures of people once we got home--it was a little crazy once we got back to the house.  Thanks to everyone who came!  Grandpa Mike came up from St. George and a lot of Trevor's family-Mindy and Beau, Grandma and Grandpa Clemons, and Uncle Justin and Aunt Dom and the whole crew and Trevor's best bud Ben and his girlfriend came up.  How about that crazy glare coming from behind us!
 I love baby blessings.  For those of you who don't know, it is one of the ordinances we do in our church-like getting baptized, getting married in the temple, taking the sacrament.  When babies are pretty young, their dad or sometimes someone else who holds the priesthood lays their hands on the baby's head and gives them a name and a blessing-the name is the name that they are known by and the blessing that follows is given as the father listens for inspiration of what to say. The blessing is usually given at the beginning of sacrament meeting in front of the congregation. I always feel like I know a little more about my baby after a baby blessing.  I am very excited to see Carrie develop and see how she will change the world. I love this sweet girl.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here's another great video.

Both of the videos..yesterday's and today's made me tear up a  little bit.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today is

World Down Syndrome Day. I really liked this video my sister in law posted on Facebook ...Enjoy!

Watch "We're More Alike Than Different" on YouTube

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Katelynn's FAVORITE birthday present! EVER

Katelynn very much LOVED this Rapunzel doll for her birthday today!  There is really no need to show any other pictures of her other presents.  She didn't even realize she had more than this present.  The doll now has very tangled hair(HAHA) and is in bed with Katelynn.

If you listen you can hear her saying Help, help! when she couldn't get the wrapping off by herself.  And then as I'm opening it, I wanna hold her, I wanna hold her.

Happy Birthday Katelynn! 

Friday, March 2, 2012