Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Early Halloween, etc.

We've had a fun month! It snowed about a week ago and melted thankfully, but it was a good reminder of all the projects we wanted to get done before winter, so we have been pretty busy trying to get the most important ones done. He is officially 8 months old now! It seems like time goes much quicker with a baby in the house, I can't believe he has been around for 8 months! James started crawling the last Saturday in September. He did it while Amy and I were gone to the Relief Society broadcast, so Trevor got to see him crawl first, lucky man! My sister Amy moved up here and it has been a lot of fun to have her here. I don't think we've driven her crazy yet! Here's a few pictures of James! Enjoy

Jamesy Blue Eyes!
It snowed about a week ago and so we had to bundle James up. He likes his Winnie the Pooh hat because of the strings that he can pull and chew on.
Amy and I dressed James up early for Halloween, we weren't sure if the costume would fit at Halloween.

I think James is trying to be a puppy dog here...we got this picture printed and when we show it to him, he laughs!

This is one of his funny faces he does a lot...I'll try to catch the others ones and put them up.

Here's a video of James crawling, he's been crawling for about 3 or 4 weeks now. He's exploring everything--what's off the side of the bed, the fireplace, and cord or rope he can find. It's fun to see him get where he wants to now.