Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Playing with toys wears James out?

James loved Cali (the dog) when we were in Texas. He even got to get a ride for a few seconds. He would squeal when she would get close though. He loved it!

James and his Christmas toy. He loves this, he pushes it all over the house.

Christmas morning...about 6:45 AM. I think James was tired....maybe Trevor too.

Christmas morning picture. James has visions of sugar plums dancing in his head in this picture...or maybe it was visions of Cali.
Amy loves this picture.

Katy and Bryson.

James and Grammy

One day James was playing in our pantry and found an open bag, it was soon an empty bag and a fun game for a few minutes. See the video at the end of the blog--you'll see what I mean.

Who knew a high chair could be so comfortable?

James with Santa Claus at the mall.

1st taste of chocolate....I think he likes it!

5 Generations. This is James, Trevor, Grandma Tammy, Great Grandma Norma Jean, and Great Great Grandma Awanda

Hide and Seek

Ward Christmas party.

James and Grandma Charlotte

Family Picture

Shopping With James

We went shopping the other day and James wanted to push the cart for a little while. With a little steering help from Trevor, he pushed for a while.

Snow, Snow, Snow!

We had a ton on snow up here and so one day Amy and I were building a snow fort. James was sleeping when we started, but once he woke up, we dressed him up to join in the fun! He thought the snow was pretty tasty.