Friday, June 19, 2009

James and the Giant Teddy Bear

James sleeping on the job. Learning how to color
Thanks to Aunt Amy who donated this bear to James. He loves it and wrestles it a lot.

Chocolate Frosting Face

James got this shirt from his Great Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Tony. In case you can't read it, it says Mommy's Lil Cowboy. And yes, the best part of the shirt is that the cowboy on the horse is a Texas flag too.
James stuck under the chair with his shorts stuck by his feet.


I'm very excited about our garden this year and so next to James, it may get posted about the most this summer. We planted our tomatos from seed and we didn't think many would survive. We were wrong and now we have tons of tomato plants. We've gotten rain almost every day since the beginning of June, so we haven't had to water for a while. We've gotten to eat some of the radishes, the rest of them we've pulled up because they were almost 2 feet tall with no radish on the bottom.
The line of tomatos


Beautiful Katy in her beautiful dress at the Lion House. Jarom and Stephanie got married May 2 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple, it was wonderful being there! they both looked great and we are excited to have a new sister in the family!

These pictures are very small because I borrowed them from Facebook, maybe there is a better way?

Sara is a turtle!
Here's all of us kids, what a good lookin bunch!

James really likes Uncle Braden, they had a grand time while we were in Texas. I think Braden has some food in his hand.

Uncle Tony and James. Uncle Tony was in the hospital for quite a time. He is doing better now and is at home.

Our aspiring pianist!

Katy's Honor Choir concert was very neat. She and the choir did a great job! I loved the rain storm song where the audience got to be a part of the fun.

On our way to Texas, a quick stop at Burger King.

These swimming pictures were taken in April on a warm day. James wasn't quite sure about the water, it was very cold. We haven't gotten the pool back out since, hopefully it will warm up enough to be able to use it.

The Zoo! one of our new favorite places.