Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple more

I only have a few more pictures left to post. If you're starting and stopping here...then keep going, I've posted a lot of things tonight...all very exciting too. it's a lip kazoo. James had figured out how to put it in his mouth and is figuring out how to make it make sound.
James is eating a corn dog, corn on the cob style.

Thanks for reading......Yall come back now, ya hear.....

Does this look familiar to anyone?

It got quiet. This is what I found. That's roasted garlic mashed potatoes. The big bag, not the little 4 serving size, but the 12 or 50 serving size bag, on my floor.
I walked away for a minute before I cleaned up the mess and when I came back the bag of chips had joined the party. He likes eating potato chips dipped in roasted garlic mashed potatos. he likes them so much, he even wants to share. WHat a nice boy.

Yard stuff.....yes its that time of the year!! YAHOOOOO

Square Foot Gardening!
Last year we tried a garden, but didn't have much success except with the potted tomato plants, so this year, we needed to try something different. I've heard about square foot gardens and I researched them a little more and this is what we're going to try this year. I spent a couple days this past week building it and getting it all put together. Amy helped me mix up the steer manure, worm compost, mushroom compost, etc.... What a bonding experience. In a few months, I'll show another picture, but hopefully with luscious beautiful green and fruitful plants.

Another project Amy and I (mostly Amy) worked on while she was visiting this week was getting this bothersome stump out of our back dirt pit(which hopefully will become more than that this year). This hole is the one the stump came out of, Amy filled it with water and it seemed to help it come out easier.

Amy with her trophy stump. YEA AMY!

Happy Easter!

We went down to Lava Hot Springs for an Easter celebration. We got to eat a pancake breakfast, decorate Easter hats, have a hot dog, go on an Easter egg hunt, and then spend some time at Grandma Charlotte's house afterwards. It was a lot of fun, we were glad we went.
James still loves dogs, even big stuffed ones that don't really bark or lick him. He was wrestling with this one and thought he was wonderful.

Yes, that tree in the background is growing out of James' head.

These are the eggs James found on the egg hunt. He thought it was lots of fun. He learned how to open them and on Sunday when we put out hardboiled dyed eggs, he figured out how to open those too. The treat inside the plastic eggs was a little bit sweeter than in the hardboiled eggs.

This is James in the Easter hat parade. Those are cockroaches, spiders, and all sorts of other plastic bugs glued on his hat. You can't really pass with putting flowers and flowing ribbons on little boy hats. He thinks they are pretty fun.

Mindy & Beau's wedding and reception!

On April 3rd, we got to go to Mindy and Beau's wedding at the Logan LDS Temple. It was wonderful to be there with them. Later that evening we got to celebrate with them at a reception. We're excited for them and know that they will have a wonderful forever together. Grandma Charlotte with 4 of her great grandchildren, Allison, Madison, James, and Emily.

Sun Valley trip

Trevor had a big IFT conference in Sun Valley at the end of March and James and I got to go. We had a great time. While Trevor worked, James and I played and then we all got to play at the end of the day. They had this awesome outdoor swimming pool that was heated and it was beautiful there......COLD, but beautiful. They also had really expensive stores where I could have spent a whole paycheck on one item....needless to say we did not buy anything. Friday night, they had supplier's night with lots of different booths. Each gave away prizes. Sargento cheese was there and Trevor won the big Sargento semi-truck that looks like a big piece of swiss cheese. James loves it!

The pool! When it's really cold, you can hardly see from one side of the pool to the other because of all the steam. We liked it A LOT.
fixin to go swimmin!