Wednesday, July 23, 2008

James eating real food---well sort of real food...and more fishing

Yes, that is his toe in his mouth. He likes it. When he doesn't have a pacifier or something else, the toe does the trick.
James is eating real food! Well, if you can call it real. He had rice cereal for the first time today, here's the aftershots... I think he liked it after the first couple of tries.

FISHING!!! Well, we like it. We went Saturday night for a little while. It's nice that there are so many places we can go so close. We caught quite a few, but they were little and we still have a bunch from the last time we went.

I promise that I caught the fish Trevor is holding up. It was the biggest one we caught and since I was holding James and the camera, he got to hold up the trophy fish. Whether that story will be the same in 10 years or not, we shall see........

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer fun and five months and no internet

Well, we got rid of the internet a few weeks ago. Blogging is much easier when you have the internet at home. Here's a bunch of pictures of what's been going on.

James leaning on Trevor's shoulder. He likes his dad!
James and I went to Rigby Lake and Gem Lake with the mother's group at church. The first time, I didn't bring anything for him to get in the water with, but the second time we were prepared. He likes the water.
James is starting to get a tooth we think. He was really fussy last week. We tried everything and finally we tried a bubble bath. He instantly stopped crying....well at least until we tried to get him out of the tub. And so he got back in the tub and stopped crying until we tried to get him back out of the tub. He loved the bubbles and tried to eat them. You can tell he had been crying in the picture because of the red around his eyes--poor guy, I hope that tooth comes through soon.

This is James in his new stroller. It is a lot smaller than the other one, so we can take it in the car with us. We like this stroller!
Happy James!

Since James learned to roll over, sleeping on his back is no longer comfortable, so he's starting falling asleep like this. Looks more comfortable to me too.
Another swimming picture--I think he likes his shorts, probably wants to eat them! A few weekends ago, Jarom and his girlfriend, Stephanie, came up for the weekend. We went fishing, went to Jackson Hole, and to the Grand Tetons. As you can see, our fishing trip was successful!