Sunday, March 22, 2009

James charming at the Relief Society Party

I took James to the Relief Society Birthday party a while ago and this is a video that someone in our ward took of him. He loves the attention, pretty sure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's time for overalls!

The snow in our backyard is GONE almost, so James and I went outside to rake up some of the piles of leaves we didn't quite get last year. He's wearing his working outside outfit--can you see the knee stains? If you look REALLY close you can see the leftover mud and leaves that he ate while we were out there. The tulip bulbs that I planted all over last year are coming up and they are even coming up where I didn't plant them.

so what do you do on Monday nights?

This past Monday night we were sitting in our living room with our blinds open and all the sudden we see the truck rolling out of our driveway. We had to run outside really quick to try to stop it. Luckily it stopped and rolled back towards the driveway and this is where it stopped. Trevor tried starting it and it wouldn't start so we tried jumping it and that didn't work either. So, we got to push it back into our driveway. It's parked a little bit crooked now, but it's not moving....I hope.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trevor's birthday

The biggest news we have right now is that Trevor turned 26 on March 6! I put a couple pictures below. It was a fun day! Trevor, James and I are anxiously awaiting the end of winter. It looks like it will come soon. Most of the snow is melted and next week it is supposed to warm up to almost 50! James wasn't quite sure what to think of the grass, so he did what he does any time he sees something new, he put it in his mouth! We have a busy couple of months coming up. Next week we get to go to Sun Valley, Idaho for a couple of days for a conference for Trevor's work. The next week Trevor goes to Chicago and Mindy will go to the temple for the first time, then our newest niece Jada will be blessed and we'll have a bridal shower. The next week, Mindy's gettin' hitched to Beau. It will calm down for a little while, then my brother, Jarom, is gettin' hitched to Stephanie in Salt Lake. We'll go down for that and after all the festivities, James and I will go down to Texas for two and a half weeks. YEEEHAW! We're excited for everything that is going to happen. In other news.......we're thinking about doing a square foot garden this year. Last year we did a garden, but the part of the yard we put it in didn't get quite enough sun, so we're going to try something new. Here's some of our latest pictures...

James loves this teddy bear. We put it in with him when he sleeps. He cuddles with it, lays on it, rolls over it. He doesn't usually fall asleep with it in his arms, so I thought I better get a picture! This is the bear his Aunt Katy gave him last year. James doesn't like us to feed him as much. So when we had chicken alfredo for dinner, we let him feed himself. He learned how to slurp the noodles in and he ate pretty good or so we thought. At the end of dinner, we took him out of his seat and saw a nice pile of noodles in there with him.

This is James drinking spaghetti sauce through a straw. Yes, spaghetti sauce. He liked it. We don't usually feed him spaghetti sauce through a straw, but whatever works, right? We have also found a way for him to drink cow milk. We add chocolate syrup and he loves it! We bought him a gallon of whole milk for his birthday and he hated it and it went bad before he could spit the whole gallon out. He would barely let it get in his mouth before he spit all of it out. Strawberry powder worked for a little bit, but then he would spit that out too. So hopefully he will like the chocolate milk a lot better and for a lot longer.

Happy Birthday Trevor! He passed the quarter century mark this year. James made him a card for his birthday. We went to the Evergreen, a chinese buffet with unlimited crab legs. It was the perfect combination! Amy came down from rexburg to watch James for us. One of his presents was a fishing license, so we're going to start fishing earlier this year!!

James got a riding toy for his birthday. He likes to go in circles through the hallway and living room. We get to push and he is learning how to use his feet to push himself around. James has his hair cut in this picture. He got it buzzed by me. I like using clippers. I might open a shop called Heather's Buzz shop and charge $3 for a buzz. I wouldn't do anything fancy, just buzz people's hair off.