Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some people are really good at writing stuff, I'm really good at posting pictures....

James playing with Dad's scout hat

We put James' pants on his head, he thought it was pretty funny. James attempting to fill up his diaper....
can you see the concentration? I like FOOD!

James and Kyler playing together or by each other. They're buddies, they are starting to acknowledge each other's presence.

This is James attacking the camera. He loves it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Brothers!

This is the month of birthdays for my brothers, well all of them except 1, so that is 4 November birthdays. Yikes.....I don't know if my brothers look at this ever, but if they do...

November 5 Happy Birthday Ryan!

November 8 Happy Birthday Brigham!

November 13 Happy Birthday Bryson!

November 24 Happy Birthday Braden!

What a busy month of singing Happy Birthday and if you have ever heard us all sing Happy Birthday, one more birthday this month might ruin our BEEAUUUTIFUL voices. We tried out for talent show as a group and they turned us down. I think it was something to do with the fact that we didn't sing the words together or you might not really know what we were singing. We love it though because you can hear all of our voices through the whole song, if you can follow the up and down of it all. One of the best things about birthdays is getting the "phone call" from everyone. It's awesome!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

more pictures!

James loves playing in the leaves and we had a ton of them...

He also likes tomatoes, he squishes the juice and seeds into his mouth.

Here we are at a football game. He was wide eyed for most of it and slept for the other part of it.

fun in the high chair!

more fun in the leaves

Happy Halloween and Fall!

Here's my sister Amy beside a "painting" on the sidewalk. We felt like whoever put it there did it just for us Brown girls.
James and the GIANT peach. He liked the insects on his costume.

James and the Giant Peach James is an orphan, so we had to do his hair...cRAZY, he looks orphanish...maybe?

This is James' new face for pictures, he likes to stare at the camera like he thinks your crazy. Almost as soon as the picture is taken, he smiles again.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Early Halloween, etc.

We've had a fun month! It snowed about a week ago and melted thankfully, but it was a good reminder of all the projects we wanted to get done before winter, so we have been pretty busy trying to get the most important ones done. He is officially 8 months old now! It seems like time goes much quicker with a baby in the house, I can't believe he has been around for 8 months! James started crawling the last Saturday in September. He did it while Amy and I were gone to the Relief Society broadcast, so Trevor got to see him crawl first, lucky man! My sister Amy moved up here and it has been a lot of fun to have her here. I don't think we've driven her crazy yet! Here's a few pictures of James! Enjoy

Jamesy Blue Eyes!
It snowed about a week ago and so we had to bundle James up. He likes his Winnie the Pooh hat because of the strings that he can pull and chew on.
Amy and I dressed James up early for Halloween, we weren't sure if the costume would fit at Halloween.

I think James is trying to be a puppy dog here...we got this picture printed and when we show it to him, he laughs!

This is one of his funny faces he does a lot...I'll try to catch the others ones and put them up.

Here's a video of James crawling, he's been crawling for about 3 or 4 weeks now. He's exploring everything--what's off the side of the bed, the fireplace, and cord or rope he can find. It's fun to see him get where he wants to now.