Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures of our Kansas trip

These are some pictures from our trip to Kansas in May.  We got to see my Brown Grandparents and saw my Morgan Grammy.  It was so great to be able to see so much family!

Uncle Tony and Carrie-we had two oxygen tanks in the house while they were there:)

My Grandma and Grandpa Brown

There are lots of grandbabies to love! 

That huge cookie was SOOO good!

All the grandbabies so far except Connor and Brigham and Karen's baby who is due in September!

Going to the Kansas City Royals game!

Grammy and James at the Kansas City Temple

James and Katelynn at the Kansas City Temple.  It was so beautiful inside and out!


Since Carrie was in the hospital in May, she has been gaining weight painfully slow-like an ounce in 2 weeks.  When we left she had barely hit 12 pounds, we started solid foods and got some good tricks to battle the reflux to keep all the good stuff down and she is gaining weight again by golly!  In the last 3 weeks or so she has really started gaining. Tonight, she weighed 14 lbs 3 oz!  I think we will celebrate!

Breakfast at our House!

This is what breakfast usually looks like at our house!  And this morning, I thought, in about 10 years....maybe 20 I will be glad I took these pictures.